Thursday, October 25, 2012

Angora Art Spun Necklaces For Sale

I have created one of a kind "art spun" necklaces using angora fiber from our bunnies raised here on our farm.  This is a beautiful piece that will dress up a t-shirt or add a touch of beautiful to any dressy outfit!  This necklace is lightweight and super soft on your neck that you won't even know you are wearing it.  Crochet thread with beads are creatively spun with angora yarn, creating a beautiful look.  The pendant adds weight and class to this necklace.
They are $38 each
Email Me if interested

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And the Winner is....

Our Crazy Farm!!! Yea! I will get your hat to you in the mail this next week! Thank you to everyone who signed up. Keep checking back, I will do another giveaway this fall again.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I am doing a "Christmas in July Heatwave Giveaway" I think most of the nation is in the middle of a heatwave right now, although in Michigan we did have a cold front move through. We are in the mid-eighties instead of the nineties!!! I have been wanting to get some more traffic to my blog and yarn/angora shop for some time now. I have been doing some research and decided the best way to start is with a giveaway. Everyone loves to get free stuff, even if it is an Angora stocking cap that is seven times warmer than wool! So from now until next Friday, July 16, leave a comment for me on this post and we will pick the winner next Friday! You will get this 100% hand-spun, hand-dyed knitted stocking cap:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Angora Yarn From Start to Finish

We have been dying angora fiber this week. Here is a little peek of what we have done so far.

This is one of our English Angoras:

This is the fiber after we have groomed the rabbit:

This is the green dyed angora fiber:

This is the yellow dyed angora fiber:

These are the two colors together:

This is what they look like after they have been carded together:

This is on my wheel right now:

I am working on spinning it and will post pictures of the finished yarn hopefully later today!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

French Angora Rabbits for sale

These pictures don't really show the colors well. There are two blacks, one blue, and one grey colored, and also the chocolate one at the top of the page is for sale.

English Angora Rabbits For Sale

These are four of the English Angoras we have for sale right now. I have a chocolate, a torte, a blue eyed white, and a REW.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to business

I decided with having some "sales" I had better get my yarn shop blog up to date again. I have had some luck on etsy and hope to make time to continue. It is so exciting to sell something online! I hope to get some more additions to my shop and get serious about the angoras and the yarn and fiber. We have lots of bunnies in the barn right now. I have 2 baby batches and then all of our adults which brings the total to 20 something.
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