Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Order

I am getting ready to ship my first "real sale" to a shop here in Michigan!!! I am so excited. She wanted just raw angora fiber, but she needs 8 ounces which doesn't seem like alot but since it is so light it is quite a bit. I was concerned I didn't have enough in stock and still have enough to spin with, but after going through all of what we have there was PLENTY with more to spare! LOL Not much else is happening here. The puppies are doing great and getting bigger every day. Hubby is on a business trip to New York and Massachusetts this week and won't be home until Friday night. I already miss him. It is really hard when he travels on both of us. I end up doing all 5 of the kids running alone, and he is driving between the two states this week so he will have a long one too. Here are some pictures of my first sale ready to be boxed and sent.

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